Era solo una roca que se parecía a alguien

Girl Power Pilot - Cartoon Network LA
What happens when loneliness creeps into your life? ESUR a mission of Adam and Steve trying to save planet earth from an unknown threat, as they struggle to maintain their sanity and their hallucinations gain control of their minds. Never overestimate the power of the mind, it’s capable of achieving and surpassing any boundary of reality, unless reality becomes unreal. A mind-bending story, hope you enjoy the journey into space!
Our Contributions
We were invited by Jaime Jimenez Director of Content from to support Matisse Gonzalez the winner of Pixelatls Girl Power’s 2019th edition, as the animation studio behind the production. Working with Matisse was an incredible experience, we love supporting women’s talent and creators, they bring such diverse stories into the world.